Tuesday, February 08, 2005

real quick here

I've just a few minutes before -- No, I lie. I don't have a few minutes of anything. I have class at 5:00. Tessa wants to go by the coffee shop beforehand, so that means we're leaving at 4:30. And it's 4:00ish now. And I still have to look over and sort out some stuff for class. What on earth am I doing?

I guess I just wanted to say that today has been better than yesterday. And yesterday didn't end up so bad.

Last night before I went to bed, I made that thing that you might have seen if you checked my blog anywhere between 11:45 last night and, I don't know, 10:00 this morning. I tried to be all creative with the quote that's on Into the Wardrobe again. It didn't work out so good. But I really like the quote. It's from The Screwtape Letters. Mind you, this is a senior demon that advises his nephew on the tricks of the winning-souls-for-satan trade talking here. "Our Enemy" is God.

"Be not deceived, Wormwood, our case is never more in jeopardy than when a human, no longer desiring but still intending to do Our Enemy's will, looks round upon a universe where every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys."
Screwtape, The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis

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