Friday, February 18, 2005

friday night write

I slept late today because I don't work on Fridays and my first class was cancelled. I got up at 9:25. That's what I call sleepin' in. Classes were fine. Two out of three let out at least twenty minutes early, so that was good.

I got a head-start to Paducah to get my passport application and fee turned in. I had loaded my guitar in the car, though I'm not sure why. Maybe I thought I'd find a bench at Noble Park, take my shoes off, put some flowers in my hair, and play socially-aware folk songs whilst letting birds alight on me. I don't know. It didn't happen because I ended up following the business loop from one end of town to the other and right on out of it--far far away from any hippie haven. I did make a mandatory stop in Calvert City to hang out with the sisterly family.

Tonight, I'm just chillin'. I've been playing some guitar (sans park benches, shoelessness, flowers, and birds), doing a bit of picking-up around the place, and contemplating doing something that might be considered advancement toward surviving this week. I have an insane amount of obligations for the coming week. Just on the surface, it's looking like three tests, a paper, a reading journal submission, and a booktalk. It's midterm already, isn't it?

Mom and Sissy and the Gang are coming to Murray tomorrow because Sissy's working a health fair thing at WalMart. Mom and I are going to attempt to keep Victoria and Kathryn alive throughout the five-hour duration. It should be an interesting (fun?) day.

Sissy hooked me up with some cough medicine stuff. I'm about to cough my head right off of my shoulders. I'm not sure what I've got, but something tells me it's similar to the pesky illness called bronchitis. I better go out to the car and get that bottle of codeine now.

I've been sparsely adding some pictures to my Flickr account. Long live Flickr. I love it. It is most definitely to place to go if you're looking for some photographs. I spent a vast majority of today looking up photos of Segovia and London with Tessa in advanced comp. I'm thinking of getting a premium Flickr account. But is it worth the investment. Ponder, ponder.

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