Wednesday, February 11, 2004

call it torture, call it university

in my ears
artist: better than ezra
song: cry in the sun

Somehow, today felt as if it was semi-productive. I'm not sure why. Because that Ed test was such a massive undertaking. Yeah, right. I read some ol' Emily Dickinson for Hovie. We sent out some bid packet questions to the insane folks who wish to "help" with that thing. (The only way to help with it is to keep it from exisiting.) I spent something like two-hours being Captain RCC at the Valentine's Day dinner. It was fun, really, just sitting around talking to people. Cleaning up wasn't so much fun. If you would like to experience one of the stranger things in life, fill a garbage bag with hot spaghetti sauce and see what it feels like. Eck. In other "productiveness," I watched some American Idol and beautiful Adam Brody on the O.C. See, it was a productive day...

So my parents are coming down this weekend. That's going to be good. I love my parents. I believe part of growing up is learning to appreciate your parents. At least I believe it is for me. I have been blessed with parents truly love me and do all they can for me. I, by no means, understand all the sacrifices that are involved in being a parent, but if and when I have children, I hope that am able to show them the love my parents have shown me.

Sorry about the mush lately.

I should probably do a little magnetic poetry. I have this wonderful magnetic poetry calendar that Ashley got me for my birthday. Last month, I had a poem I really liked, but I didn't write it down. I wish I had've. But this month, I just can't think of anything. Each month has an assignment type thing to guide you in your poetic endeavors, but for February, of course, it suggests writing a poem about love. Bleh. As Justin and I decided, the magnetic poetry company doesn't offer enough expletives to make the poem work. But I'll see what I can do. And then I'm either going to go to bed or maybe I'll just continue my HTML help-desk services. Probably the latter because I'm not all that tired. I guess my ten minute power-nap really got 'er done this afternoon.

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