Thursday, February 26, 2004

the passion

in my ears
night to remember
artist: joe diffie
song: it's always somethin'

Courtesy Holly's RealPlayer, I'm getting a good dose of country. I'm not exactly sure where she is, but she left her music going.

Despite all the tests, the past couple days have been good. Midterms, though, are about draining. I have two tests next week, I think, and maybe that will wrap up the midterm rush. Nothing like an Ed test to boost my confidence at the end of a series of tests. I'll need some sort of reassurance after that Spanish test I have on Monday. I literally almost cried when Medina announced that we'd be having the test then. I've got DiscipleNow this weekend, so there will be no Spanish study-time. But that's cool. Looks like Sunday night is going to be an intimate night with Tu Diras, my textbook.

The Passion of the Christ is amazing. Go see it. Or experience it, rather. If you've ever had a difficult time realizing the tangibility of the sacrifice of Jesus, this film will make it a reality for you. The last thing I wanted to do is put Jesus in the confines of Hollywood. I had to constantly remind myself that this was a very accurate portrayal of my Lord on that movie screen. This isn't just some legend. It's reality. And though only two tears made their way down my face, I was physically ill. And my heart knew something that I can only describe as a mixture of sorrow, humility, several degrees of anger, and a form of love that is far different than any worldly definition of the word. What I was experiencing was not a feeling. When people say they left the movie theatre speechless, they don't kid with you. When a person realizes the magnitude of what they've just seen, there is an overwhelming of the heart, the mind, and the body. And this isn't just a movie that leaves you with your head cocked to the side for a couple days. It's the Truth that changes your life forever.

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