Wednesday, February 18, 2004


in my ears
artist: john mayer
song: hummingbird

It's been a day o' John. Holly and I started it off with a little underground. That got us to carrying on about how we're excited about the concert. I then decided I needed to see what his setlists are looking like for this tour. Fabulous, they are. And there's this new song, Hummingbird. So I ran off to download it, and when I was looking for the lyrics, I found out the Clarity video has been released. Then ensued the hot pursuit for access to that. I must say, I love John. Even though this new song sounds like "Colors of the Wind" meets Coldplay meets Jamaica and the Clarity video on VH1 has to buffer every three seconds, the audio/video is off, and the audio completely cuts out halfway through, I love him.

With all this Johnity, it's been an alright day. The humanidades test was doable. But then there was the return of the Spanish test. Yeah, I got a 75. Which, you know, I guess isn't too bad since the class average was in the 60s. Ol' Jorge wants to tell us that we need to study more. I'm sorry, but we're not all that stupid. There was something wrong with that test. And if we should really be able to know everything on that test, something's wrong with his teaching. Maybe he shouldn't waste all of the class-time talking about cannibalism and speed limits. Sheesh...

Well, I suppose I need to start being productive. I've got waaay too many things I need to be doing. Luckily, after next week, there'll be no more LOR. But, goo, that means this semester is half over. I can't believe it. Time passes so quickly, it is scary.

I'll leave you with a final quote. Someone told me a wise man once said this:

Everything we do is motivated by two emotions. Hope and fear.

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