Monday, February 23, 2004

what's bacon? stupid cows...

in my ears
the love below
artist: outkast
song: hey ya!

So yesterday when I was wasting s'more time, I learned something fun. BTE's "Cry In The Sun" is quite an easy song to play. That's such a good song. Maybe they aren't guitar masters, seeing as how I can play some of their songs with ease, but their lyrics make up for it. Even when you can't tell what they're saying or understand what they mean when you can, they'll getcha every time.

I had a thoroughly exciting realization on the futon this morning. I was reading the DiscipleNow curriculum and I realized there are only five sessions. There used to be six! But that's cool because that's less for me to study. Plus, having six sessions over two days was overwhelming. This is really exciting for me. You should be excited, too.

It's 'bout that time to get busy studying for this ever-dreaded Hovie test that will become an actuality tomorrow, but before I do, allow me to share with you the genius of one of my fellow English students. It's people like this who make wonder about my education and the well-being of all humankind.

Hey Group Three,
How many times have you used the so-called word "becareful?" I know for a fact that I have used it several times and I have even used the word today! I was typing a reaction paper for my theatre class earlier this afternoon and I used typed in "becareful" and a red line came up underneath the word. I looked at the word and made sure I was spelling it correctly and to my knowledge it was spelled just as I have always been taught. I right clicked on it and looked at the suggestion and it showed to seperate the "word" as "be careful." This made me curious so I decided to look it up in several dictionaries and grammar books and I did not find it in any of them. My point is "becareful" is not actually a word at all! The dictionary does not show it and there is no sign of it in the two grammar usage handbooks that I am using. What do you guys think about that?

ARE YOU SERIOUS? This was posted on my grammar class' discussion board for our weekly usage journal. I have the hardest time believing that this student's not kidding. *sigh* What is this world coming to?

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