Tuesday, February 24, 2004

gettin' 'er done

Today got 'er done. Well, it got a lot done, but not all of 'er. Got that Hovie test out of the way. It wasn't as bad as I thought. We'll see how far sexual favors go when I get my test back... Speaking of such, we had our Bruton test today. What a joke. I'm so glad that class is over. Technically it's not over because I still have to turn in my final project, but I don't have to go to class anymore. That's good enough for me. I still have stuff to do. I have Spanish homework for tomorrow, a grammar test on Thursday, and I have to finish my LOR project. I need to get to crackin' on all of that right now because tomorrow night I have a discussion panel I have to go to, RCC, and then I'm going with Ash and Les to see The Passion of the Christ. I'm really excited about seeing that. I think it's something I need to see. Something everyone needs to see.

It's taking all I've got to keep myself from piling up on the futon and taking a huge nap. That's what I really want to do. Sleep until supper. And then after that, we're going to see Maya Angelou at RSEC. In case you're wondering, I pronounce it an-gel-low. Maybe tonight the pronunciation score will be settled once and for all.

I just got through writing a card to Victoria. I love sending cards. But too often, I'm just too lazy to actually buy them. They're a lot of fun. I like getting them, too.

Well, I'm having a hard time keeping my head up. I think I'll get my online Spanish work done and then pretend to do some reading on the futon. If sleeping with a book lying beside me counts as reading...

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