Thursday, April 29, 2004

and one for springer...franklin...r...c...c..

in my ears
come away with me
artist: norah jones
song: nightingale

Well, it's official. Tuesday/Thursday classes are over with the exception of the finals. It's a little A Tale of Two Citiesesque because one of the classes was my favorite and the other was the one I hated the most. I am so glad to see grammar over with. On the other hand, I'm gonna miss Hovie like the dickens. (Did anyone catch that completely unintentional pun?)

So last night was the Freekee Teekee. Let me say, it went over much better than anyone had expected, I believe. Holly and I sold all but thirteen or fourteen of the T-shirts at five bucks a pop. Since we were selling them under cost, it was no surprise that everybody was excited about the price. But what I love is when the girl came up and asked if they were free. That was almost as good as when a group of girls got upset with me when I told them that the mocktails were alcohol-free. "Um, yeah. Where are those daiquiris that y'all have?" "Well, they're over there. They're mocktails." "Oh." And then they scurried off all disappointed-like. Rumor has it that some girls really thought they were alcohol and not just frozen Hawaiian Punch and ginger ale. After having drank several, they were over at the rock climbing wall acting very intoxicated. Talk about the placebo effect. Yes, ladies. We're selling cocktails for seventy-five cents a piece. Anyway, the whole thing went great. I had a good time. But now I'm worn out and sunburned. Here is the evening in pictures:

Holly and I sold T-shirts and got pseudo-tipsy.

The other vice president is pre-med. So he didn't have to do anything.

Jen helped sell the mocktails beside our little hut. I made the sign. It's supposed to say "Freekee Teekee HQ," but it looks like it says "Freekee Teekee HO." Heh.

Jenny lei'd everybody. Well, you know. It's what she does.

The RAs had a water balloon and pie-in-the-face thing going on. This is Rachel after she's been assaulted and Liz behind her laughing, probably because she did the assaulting.

Ken, on the other hand, seems rather blissful after being pied. Makes me proud to say he's the college head.

A big attraction of the night apparently was the rock climbing wall. The ROTC boys had patrons all night long.

So this afternoon, I think I may take a little nap. Sure, I have things to do, but sometimes, I just don't care. I am worn out.

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