Saturday, April 10, 2004

the past couple of days

Friday morning, Holly, Ashley, and I got up and ate Winslow breakfast at 8:30. All the Winslow folk gathered 'round for a reading of the newpaper during a slow time.
winslow folk

And little ol' precious JD sat by himself. He's better than them.

Last night, Dale and I just kinda hung out. A couple hours included sitting in his room playing guitar. This was at about 1:00 am.
dale and his guitar

Before we left to come to Calvert City this afternoon, I took some pictures outside. Outside of the house is the only halfway safe place to be while my parents try to get things packed for an overnight trip.
willow and sun

My dad says Coca-Cola from the glass bottles tastes the best. Apparently, he also thinks the bottles are worth keeping around.
coke bottle

To me atleast, dogwoods and Easter go hand in hand. My mom always told me that the petals look like the cross, white for purity. There is a reddish brown spot on the tip of each petal, for blood. The center looks like a crown of thorns. I don't believe I remember an Easter when dogwoods haven't been in full bloom.
dogwood blossom

Every year we dye eggs. I don't think it matters if there is a kid around or not. Eggs will be dyed come Easter.
sissy and victoria

And someone always drags out the white crayon to write or draw something on the eggs that will only appear after they are dyed. I've never been much on the appearance of this technique, but you know, tradition is tradition.

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