Monday, April 19, 2004

western kentucky heat and humidity

It is a miserable place, Murray State. Right now, I'm sitting with the windows open, the door open, two fans running only to circulate the steamy air, and all the lights off so as to not generate any more heat than necessary. I'm actually halfway comfortable, but I have a feeling I won't be when bedtime rolls around. I believe last night was most miserable night of my college experience thus far. I didn't even try to go to bed until 1:00 am, but the only sleep I actually had was about a mere forty-five minutes a while after the sun had risen. It was just so hot, and I was uneasy anyway. I was worried that I wouldn't wake up at 5:00 am to schedule classes for the summer and fall. (By the way, I did over-sleep a little, but that term just isn't right. I didn't over-sleep.) I had two Spanish exams today, a written one and an oral one. (The oral one was cancelled because my professor was sick. I guess that's why he left six times during our written exam to go to the restroom to blow his nose. Yes, we could hear him honking.) Therefore, every time I closed my eyes to make an attempt at sleep, I began conjugating verbs and placing object pronouns in Spanish. Zero rest.

Today ended up better than I thought. I accomplished a lot, including getting an application to tutor through Student Support Services this summer. After I journeyed to Faculty Hall only to learn my oral exam was cancelled and I paid the financial aid office a visit, I came back for some of the most guiltless napping I've ever experienced. I had accomplished practically everything I have to do for tomorrow, and hey, I honestly needed some sleep. So with the door wide-open, I attempted to sleep on the futon. It was a success, though not an overwhelming one. I guess I'm just weak. I cannot take the heat. But rumor has it that the air is supposed to be turned on tomorrow.

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