Saturday, April 17, 2004

good morning

So it's the two o'clock hour of the morning. I don't know why I am not in bed asleep. I definitely should be, and it's quite a surprise, seeing as how I love few things as much as I love sleep these days. But I'm a little wired, so I'll ramble for a bit.

Today's been pretty good. Holly, Ashley, and I didn't have our 9:30 class, so that is always good. Before class, I went to the Curris Center to the bookstore to buy The Message Remix. That's a Bible. I've been looking at in the bookstore for a while now, and yesterday, I decided I was going to get it. So I left for Spanish a little early and stopped by to pick it up. I saw RhinoMo, whom I haven't seen in like years. I talked to him for a little bit, which was good, of course. Then off to Spanish. There, I decided I like Medina. He might be a very scatter-brained, partly insane Puerto Rican man, but I think he's a genuinely good and nice scatter-brained, partly insane Puerto Rican man. Ed's class was hilarious today. Jenny and I decided he redeemed himself for the day that class was painfully boring. As usual, I took a nap this afternoon due to my end-of-the-year narcolepsy. Once Jenny's friend from home showed up, we headed out to Ken's. He's the silliest college head. That's all I have to say as far as he goes. Our short visit at his and Chris' house was fun. We are pictured in his yard here:

When we returned, we went for the 9:55 showing of Kill Bill, Volume 2. Aw, man. Amazing. I didn't think I was much on the action-packed, blood-and-gore, Samurai-type of film, but goo mother, I thought wrong. Those movies, wow.

Well, I think I've finally done away with my insomnia. (Is it possible to suffer from both narcolepsy and insomnia?) I'm the sleepiest dawg.

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