Wednesday, April 07, 2004

here on springer-franklin isle...

I should be doing something. But I'm not. I should be reading, but apparently, ol' Hovie Hovis forgot to add the book we need for tomorrow to the list when he told the bookstore what books to sell to my class. I searched high and low in the bookstore and couldn't find it. I even mustered up the courage to call Bradley Book Co. to see if they have it. Nope, and of course, I wouldn't make it out of the phone call alive without some smart aleck remark from the woman who works there. I could hear her smiling at the fact that my precious little professor made a mistake... Anyway, I found the two stories on the interent, but they are freaking long. I could read them, but that's no fun. And if nobody has the book tomorrow, can he really teach the stories anyway? Watch me get into class tomorrow and I'm the only one without a copy of Edith Wharton's Short Stories. That'd be my luck.

Thus far, it's been a pretty good day. I made a 96 on my Spanish test, and I'm completely thrilled. I was pretty sure I did okay on it, but I wasn't expecting that. I've made a 75, 86, and 96 on these tests. Hope he takes improvement into consideration.

Tonight is our final doom. The RCC bid packet skit goes underway at 5:45 pm, Freed Curd Auditorium. I'm a little worried about Rhondasaurus eating me whole, that's all. But after this, the bid packet is finished. We have to go to a stinkin' NRHH banquet where we'll find out who won RCC of the Year. Well, to heck if I care. But I gotta find me some Hawaiian attire for the event, I suppose. I don't foresee too much effort being made on my part. I'm tired of all this business.

Okay, I'm going to set my mind to do something. Well, I'm saying eff a bunch of Hovie. (Hmmm...) I think I'll read a little Let the Dead Bury Their Dead.

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