Friday, April 23, 2004

monsoon season

Every year at Murray State, there is a monsoon season. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in it right now.

I know this is going to sound about like the geekiest thing you've ever heard (I know. I am geeky. Oh, well.), but I wish I knew so much more about CSS and HTML. In case you've completely missed the webmastering boat, those are website design languages. I know I play around on this site too much anyway , but here's the deal. What I really want to do is create my own design. You know, with neat stuff. The way it is right now, it is just a continually modified version of a template someone else made. If you want to see what this layout originally looked like, see my January archives. It's come a long way, but it is still very relient on the original. I don't want that. I want to make my own. And I don't know why I want to so much. I guess because finals are near and I cling tightly to anything that will promote procrastination. Take our little CD we're recording for instance. ;-) Anyway, while I'm chilling down here this summer, between reading, re-teaching myself Spanish, and whatever else, I'll educate myself in ways of CSS and HTML. Goo mother, my life is sad...

So I dropped one of my summer classes. That's right. I am now taking six hours this summer instead of nine. Not too much of a relief, though. This executive decision will not reduce the number of days I have to go to class, just the number of hours I'm in class. I dropped the course that I would have been taking during the middle 5-week session. It was a night class. Maybe now I can get a job.

But first, I must get through the rest of this semester. Five days of class (and counting) and then finals. Crazy, crazy. It's hard to believe that I've knocked out two years of college. I wonder where it has gone.

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