Saturday, April 03, 2004

nothing like a little western kentucky appreciation

in my ears
artist: goo goo dolls
song: here is gone

Today's been a good'un. After three treacherous hours of class (well, two tests that weren't all that bad and a video on tattoos, piercing, and other body mutilations that made me squirm like a mankey), it was good to have a little Freak Suite action in Winslow. We came back to the room for some Donkey Kong. Watching Lesil play is a good time, but it sure did put me to sleep. I ended up taking a lengthy nap on the ol' futon, and when I got up, it was 'bout time to venture off to Hazel, K-Y for some Ann's Country Kitchen. There just ain't nothin' like it. We sat around there for a while soaking up the cigarette smoke, eating like it was our last day, and romanticizing our up-bringing. We made our way back to Springer and settled in for Steel Magnolias. Again I say, there just ain't nothin' like it.

Words to ponder:
Okay, okay. It's good to see 'em. They do what can. They're a good lot. Yeah, they are.

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