Saturday, April 24, 2004

a means to the end of nothing

I have again successfully gone a day without working on my papers. Two of them are due on Thursday, and I'm going to have very little time to work on them between now and then. I'm also supposed to read an entire book by that time. Yeah, I'd like to see that happen.

But today. Today, I have actually done some stuff. I went and saw the apartment. Great times. It's very cute, and I'm excited about living there. It's townhouse style. It's in a good location: I'll be living between a professor and a dentist. Interesting... There is not a whole lot I'm going to have to bring as far as big stuff goes. After we did the whole grand tour business, Bybee and I sat down for a good, long chat. I'm so glad she's giving me the opportunity to stay there this summer. After that, I came back and did laundry. While that was washing and drying, I had a good, long chat with Dale. As yet another means of procrastination, I got up the energy to paint the second Freekee Teekee banner. It took a while, but I like doing stuff like that. At 10:00, I finally went for supper. I came back and attempted to continue my work-avoidance by playing guitar, but that wasn't holding my attention. So here I am explaining to you what I've done to procrastinate as another way to keep myself from being productive.

This cycle is vicious.

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