Thursday, April 08, 2004

it's a bad day to be a wrap

I'm in a weird mood. I don't know, today was okay. Because of the fact that Hovie failed to have the bookstore sell us the book we needed, we didn't really have class today. We were in there for twenty minutes, tops. He handed back our papers, an act which proved to me that despite his immense beauty, he is a joke. I got an A on that piece of crap paper. Anyway, during those few moments we were in class, the daughter of this non-trad who came along for the ride drew a picture of Hovie. That's right. On her notebook paper, she sketched a likeness of him. It caught my eye, and I almost laughed out loud. It looked like him, but I just couldn't believe she sat there and drew it. She was waving it around, and the chuckles I heard erupting around the room told me other people were seeing it. I think Hovie might have even seen it while he was explaining some extra credit opportunites because he paused for a few seconds, looking bewildered. While he was handing our papers back, I hear the girl's mom whisper, "Just wait until he comes around." My heart sank. This kid is going to give him that picture of himself. Goo freaking mother... And sure enough, she did. It was quite an awkward moment in the history of ENG302-02, let me tell ya. But hilarious indeed. So after lunch, I came back and did a bunch of nothing for the afternoon. Then I took a nap, went to supper, TNT, and then a little Richmond soccer game. I guess the highlight of my day was Hovie, as usual. Oh, and my advisor finally took the hold off of my account so I can schedule classes when April 19 rolls around. Woo.

But this mood. I don't know. I guess it's the end of the year business. You know, can't wait to get out for the summer. A change of pace. Then I realize that hey, I get to stay in Murray and go to school all summer. Of course, I do get three weeks off before classes start, but sheesh. I'm all confused. I don't want to be home and bored all summer, but I have a feeling staying here isn't going to be wonderful either. I'm taking all these classes in hopes that I can actually graduate in four years, but the irony is that I'm not excited about getting out of school. I suppose it's just that thing of not wanting to grow up. I truly don't want to. I would say that I'm fairly mature in my thinking or whatever, but I'm about not responsible or adult-like. And I don't want to be. Gaw, it's disgusting hearing (er, reading) myself whine like this. But for now, I'm just waiting for the moment when my fairy godmother comes and turns me into a responsible adult.

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