Thursday, October 23, 2003

and the alternate universe continues...

Yeah, so I hate Tuesdays and Thurdays. So what if they are holidays? What kind of messed up schedule goes 9:30, 2:00, 4:00? Mine. And I hate it. The highlight of my day is when I sit with Justin outside Faculty as he smokes his cigarettes, tells me about the latest adventures of his life, and curses ladybugs. But all that fun quickly gets shot to poo 'cause we have to go to the wonderful world of EDP260. It's Murray State's little embodiment of hell. Too bad Justin missed it though (He's so cool he got to skip class to go to a job interview...) 'cause Lewis dropped the Shi'ite (Let's hear it for fall semester last year!) bomb, hence my alternate universe reference. But that's about the only thing that class has going for it.

Well, I'm thinking about headin' out to TNT, but first I may have to call my Creole. "What's my Creole?" you ask. *sigh* Okay, just understand that I speak a language all my own. Well, I take that back. Holly understands it. Most of the time. Anyway, so I have a whole bevy of words you probably won't recognize. But just this once I'll explain what I'm saying here. My Creole is my mom. WTF, you say. I've learned through producing the Mystery of the Santa Balloons presentation, flow-charts work best. And it goes like this:

Mom > Mommie > Marmie > Marmalade > Creole Lady Marmalade > Creole

Believe me, if you have any intention of keeping up with my blog, this won't be the last time you think I'm a psycho.

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