Wednesday, October 29, 2003

did you know snoopy is a bengal?

Okay, so me, Holly, and Val are sitting in Winslow talking about Heart and "These Dreams." Well, Val loves the '80s, so the following conversation ensues:

Val: I wanna meet the Bengals.
Holly: Val, it's the Bangles. Bengals are puppy dogs.
Me: No, beagles are puppy dogs. The Bengals are the Cincinnati football team. [a few seconds pass] Did you know Snoopy is a Bengal?

Yeah, so I got confused, and we all laughed so hard that I couldn't finish explaining that I don't understand why Snoopy is a beagle 'cause he doesn't look like one. Good grief.

So we had productive Wednesday today. It was about time. John finally got clear water. I keep having dreams that he dies, but he always comes back to life. Last night all we had to do was change his water, and he resurrected from the dead. Anyway, he about died today when Holly decided to drain all the water out of his cup before she put him in his bowl. Poor puppy. Anyway, as far as productivity goes, we did some cool stuff. We went to WalMart, picked up my film (Thank you RhinoMo, for the freaking picture of Ryan Dishwasher. *sigh*), and bought fifteen feet of mounting tape (which will last us about two days), six feet of Velcro that don't mess, and some really cute frames. We also got a couple more frames at the DG. So now we have a really cute display of six pictures on our jaunty-out thing, another cute four-picture frame with three pictures in it thus far, and a sink skirt that ain't goin' nowhere. It's a good day.

But you know what would make it better? The fellas. Where they at? Dale's supposed to be down here somewhere, and I haven't heard from him. And I haven't seen hide nor hair of Justin and Ryan in twenty-four hours. My world is falling apart.

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