Friday, October 24, 2003

the triad

I just want to take this opportunity to express the beauty of the best John Mayer song triad on the face of the planet: Why Did You Mess With Forever, Man on the Side, and Covered in Rain. Three songs everyone should know, love, and listen to in that order. It's a spiritual experience. As a matter of fact, after listening to the triad going to and fro' Matt B's this afternoon, I'm going to add s'more lyrics to my handy little text feature I have up there in the blue box under my blog title. In case you haven't noticed, it graces you with a new John lyric every time you open my blog. Little pieces of heaven.

So after eating too much Matt B's, though that's impossible, I'm going to take a nap. Like a six hour nap. Is that even a nap? That's more like hibernation. But they are reshowing the I Love the '80s Strikes Back episodes that I have missed the past coupla nights, so I might watch that. I don't know. Nevertheless, I'm not doing homework, by gaw. I don't care if I have a twelve page paper to do for English, a seven to eleven page short story to do for creative writing, a twelve chapter test to study for, and about gazillion other things to do.

Hmm, speaking of the triad... (I know, I know. That was earlier.) It's two weeks from today when me, Holly, Jenny, and Lauren get to go see John! Yeah, we're taking a little trip up to Champaign, Illinois (ee-uhl-uh-no-ease) to see our boy. Wouldn't it be freaking out of control if John played the triad at the show? Not likely, though, 'cause Why Did You Mess With Forever hasn't seen a setlist since chili was a nickel. How do I know that? I have a little friend by the name of Scotty Crowe who writes the road journal at who posts the setlists for all the shows. Hal "Scotty" Crowe is one of the funnier fellas out there. But what can you expect? His name's Hal, and besides food, water, and shelter, guys named Hall are a life's necessity. Hal Sparks. Hal/Harry/Henry V. Oh, and Hal Ketchum. You know, the guy who sings Small Town Saturday Night. I may have to name my son (thanks, pencil test) Hal. Or maybe Halmartia.

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