Sunday, October 26, 2003

peace, love, and log cabin

Nothing like waking up at 12:45 pm only to realize, hey, it's really 11:45 am. Woohoo for daylight savings. But it's colder than [insert your own obscene or antiquated saying here] in this room. That's why I am sitting here wrapped up in my comforter. Goo. It's cold. Otherwise, I still reek of smoke, remnants of Log Cabin embedded in my every pore. But that's cool. It reminds me of the great time we had last night. It was Justin's debut and farewell tour with The Dishwashers. Through it all, I got a lungful of synthesized fog, a button he jacked, his tie, and a gross glass of sweet tea (but good ol' Justin took care of that), Dew, and a ton of ice, lemons, and sugar (thank you, Ryan Morgan). Oh, yeah, and a freaking good time. Oh, the fun you can have when you discover the back room at Log Cabin. It basically consisted of listening to Storytime with Ryan Morgan, trying to think of nicknames (I guess I'm Sundance.), and pulling out a few surprise pictures. Don't mess with Texas, okay?

So now I'm sitting here at my computer, and I'm a little hungry. Okay, I could eat my leg. Like a wolf. Holly and I are talking about going to Winslow to make love to some waffles. But why would I do that when I have not one, but two official games pieces laying right here beside me? Oriental Avenue and B&O Railroad.

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