Tuesday, October 28, 2003

my night was like whoa

For one, I just sat here and did some ridiculously ambitious stuff. I was suppose to come up with 7-10 sources for my research paper, but Captain Research here gathered something like fifteen. Yeah, I'm amazing. Then, I made my bed that I haven't made since non-productive Wednesday, picked the lint out of my hair-dryer, prepared my satchel, put clothes in their respective places (ie, the hamper, the closet), organized my books under my bed, and jotted some things down in my trusty MSU planner--all while maintaining a tolerance for listening to Rich Girls, or whatever it's called, on MTV. I just didn't feel like putting the energy in changing the channel. Some things you just can't explain.

Now for the real highlight of the evening. Okay, me, Holly, and Val were going to get some food at Wendy's, but Holly needed cash. So we went by WalMart, but since she was just running in for a second, we audaciously (sexy lil audacious vixen) parked in a handicap spot right by the door. Me and Val were all chillin' when we hear some angry male voices. We look up at the door to see a couple guys standing around, lookin' all scary. We thought they were fighting. Then one of them pulled some shiny "windshield-wipery looking thing" out of his hoodie pocket and laid it down on top of a trash can. Another older-looking guy shoved him up against the wall and pulled a walkie-talkie out of his hip pocket. (It was a lot more fun when I thought it was a gun.) In like half a second, some other guy comes out, whispering into his hidden collar mic (like the one I have for MR), and helps escort this little thief back into the store. All of his buddies just kinda looked at each other and left. That's when Holly came back. I swear, she wasn't in the store for more than three minutes and she missed everything. We could've seen the getaway car a little bit better if the Shuttle in the big SUV hadn't run us over.

On our way to Wendy's, Ashley calls me to tell me she saw RhinoMo right after we blew out of the dorm circle. She said he wanted me to call him. Dude, I need your number before I can call you. But at Wendy's Val found a shell of a fry filled with oil. About the weirdest thing I've seen in a while. It's displayed in a zip-lock bag on our corkboard. Come see it.

Mmkay, I don't think anything else has happened that's been blogworthy, but then again, I think everything is blogworthy. That means it's been very uneventful around here. I should do something about that. Maybe I'll go TP Valesqueza's door.

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