Wednesday, October 22, 2003

third time around

Okay, this is something like the third blog I've started in the past year, but don't they, whoever they are, say that the third time's a charm? But really, how many times have "they" been right? Anyhoo, if you want to check out my old blogs, you can click around over there on that sorry excuse for a navigation bar on the right. I'm trying to remember... "the dumping ground" was my attempt at the the 100 Words Project, I think. If that is true, "where it lands" is a short-lived set of meaningless postings, which is what this is, but since blogger is a mankey, it won't let me continue to work on that blog. So this here "back porch poet" thing is just a continuation of that. I was "inspired" to start having something to show for my wasted time by my good friend Justin. You can have a blast and check his webjournaly thing out by clicking here. Right now, I want to check this thing out and see if it looks like it's supposed to. I'll be back to post some senseless mess later.

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