Saturday, October 25, 2003

oh, i love a rainy night

Thank you, Eddie Rabbitt.

Okay, was right about the thunderstorms, but they were today instead. So I drove to Calvert City to see my sister, and I drove in some torrential rain. At Sissy's, I got to see their new pup, Junior. Their collie Sondhi fathered a litter of 12, all of which survived, and now they have a chip off the ol' block. He's precious. I also got to see the video of the Gatlinburg trip that all my family took last weekend. I skipped out. Being stuck with my mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law, and eight year old niece for a weekend is just too intense for me. I also got to pick up the awesome Beatles poster my sister got me at a yard sale. Holly's going to sacrifice the Harry Potter poster to put up the Beat-less. But we can't do that just yet because I couldn't bring the poster in because I didn't want to ruin it in the freaking rain. Don't get me wrong. I love rain. But not when I have to run in it. When I was in my car, getting ready to get out and brave the weather, I got the bright idea to roll up my pants legs. You know, they're the jeans I wanted to wear tonight, so let's keep 'em from getting wet. Yuh-huh. I was wet from head to toe. Rolled-up pants legs and all. Now, why can't it do this on Friday? It used to always rain in Murray on Friday, and it just doesn't feel like Murrah without it.

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