Monday, October 27, 2003

words from waterfield

Let's hear it for my first blog not posted from my own computer. Woo. Exciting times. Not really. I hate Waterfield's laptops. Pieces of junk. This one doesn't have a battery, so I had to plug up downstairs. How's that for luxury? Actually, I take it back. Having to plug up is better because I don't have to worry about that little window popping up that says, "This piece of dung battery has less than .4 seconds of juice left in it. Run like hell to the nearest outlet 'cause, baby, you and that paper you've been working on for an hour and a half are going doooown!" So me and my culture credit for Espanicular are faring nicely this morning.

So after ee-en-gee two-two-one, guess who taps me on the shoulder. Ryan Dishwasher. Yeah, he asked me if I "stuck around" the other night. I told him I did. He was all asking me if I liked it and if I'd ever seen anything like that before. I told him, "Yeah, it was alright. Interesting. Didn't really scare my socks off." I should've said, "Man, you sucked open butthole, but that drummer, yeah, he was awesome. And what was that crap at the end of the show where you sang and played by yourself? Yeah, I could've done without that. But hey, I really love my free button." Yeah, he came in late to class 'cause he was out ripping down the posters for the show. I don't know why he was late though 'cause we helped him out and already got one poster torn down for him. Yeah, no problem. Anytime.

I should probably be looking up sources for my research paper seeing as I'm supposed to have 7-10 "reliable" ones ready for class on Wednesday. Eh. But things are looking up. This stupid critical theory presentation I have to do alongside the paper won't be so bad afterall. I'm working with Michelle and Jennie. I used to hate group projects, but I really don't want to get infront of this class all by myself, Celine Dion, because they intimidate me. Why? Well, who wouldn't be intimidated by Nickel Creek, Ryan Dishwasher, and the Pagan Society. Okay, so it's not that bad. And we're presenting on Monday instead of Friday. I think we may be one of the first groups going, but that's cool. Get it over and done with.

You might notice a new link on my little (sheesh, what do you call that thing?) byline down there. It's 100 words. It's a fun little thing where you use a blog format to post one hundred words at a time. I think it's a really good creative restriction. I guess it's mini-prose. Anyway, there is a whole 100 words project that goes on, but I'm just not devoted enough to do it. So I'm doing my own--again. You can check it out. But beware, the nature of those posts may be a little more, I don't know, private than these. So go ahead. Keep feeding that voyeur in you and take a look.

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