Wednesday, October 22, 2003

back porch poet

Out of common courtesy and the opportunity it presents to talk about John, I'll explain my blog title. There is this little singer/songwriter named John Mayer, and he has a little album out called Heavier Things. In a song by the name of New Deep, there is a line that goes:

"You know, I used to be the back porch poet with a book of rhymes / Always open knowing all the time I'm probably / Never gonna find the perfect rhyme / For 'heavier things'"

I don't know, it gets in my head on a frequent basis. Plus, I think Johnny's singing about being unable to put into just the right words what he's wanting to say. I can identify with that. On a daily basis. And hey, I love John Mayer, as you will soon realize. It's the least I could do to name my blog in his honor, right? Okay, so maybe it's a little overboard, but so am I. But what can you do?

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