Wednesday, September 29, 2004

average day

I finally got the picture of the morning glories this morning. I was a little worried that they would freeze up and die. It was so cool this morning. I love it. Long sleeve t-shirts, and soon enough, hoodies.

I guess it's been an average day. Well, not average as in normal, but average as in not great or horrible. Work was interesting. At any given moment during my shift, only three computers would work. They're reworking the printer configuration, which is good for a couple reasons. The horribly slow and noisy black and white HP printer is gone. And so is the money guzzling Lexmark color printer. They've been replaced by a monstrosity of a black and white printer. No more slow printing PDFs. And no more folks being irate about a 25 cent printed page. The bad news is that I'm going to have to start taking money by hand. This means that people will try to run away without having paid, a nonexistent problem with the ol' Jamex money machine. And I'm going to have to make change. I need to start memorizing what seventeen pages times five cents minus five dollars is. Oh, me.

I got my BarbCobb paper back today. I got a B. Don't you just hate that? Well, you probably don't. You probably think it's funny. It just bothers me that her casual instruction greatly contrasts her strict assessment style. I guess that's something I should consider as a teacher. I'd like to be a laid back teacher with high expectations. Is that possible? Yes, let me rephrase that. Is that possible while being fair to students? Hmm.

I'm a little worried about myself. I think I need to go to the doctor. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of getting sick. Feverish with a dry throat. Like a perpetual onset of strep throat or something. But then I wonder, are these symptoms of high blood pressure and high glucose? That stuff runs in my family, and I sure don't take any preventative measures. So I do what everyone who dies of heart disease does: ignore it and hope it will go away.

Mmkay, well, I'm going to the BSU for the international student conversation classes here in a few minutes. Oh, and I have to go to WalMart. And when I get home, I have so much Shakespeare stuff to do I could cry. Avoidance really will kill me.

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