Thursday, September 16, 2004

fools and reasons

So my pictures aren't working. Interesting. It is so interesting because my background is hosted at the same place my photos are, but it's working despite this fact. Strange times. Sucky times, actually.

I went to see Sissy, Victoria, and Kathryn again tonight. I kind of forgot to take some more pictures, but that's okay. Even the day she was born I had this whole "3x5" mentality going on. I didn't want to waste my time taking pictures because I wanted to experience her with my own eyes. I did that tonight, holding her for probably an hour. She is such a wonderful baby. And I know people say that about every child they claim, but she is! Oh, and I thought this was funny. Ingenious, but funny. The hospital puts security sensors on babies' ankles, like house arrest bracelets. That's in case some psycho tries to kidnap one of them or something. It's a great idea, but I think it's hilarious that these newborns look like paroled delinquents.

I've been listening to the radio regularly these days because the CD player in my car is quite dysfunctional. It won't play. It just flashes an error message and regurgitates the disc. So I've been enjoying the wonders of local radio. I primarily flip back and forth between 96.9 and Q 108 on my journey to and from Paducah, and there is a more-than-obvious pattern: Hoobastank's "The Reason," some Hootie and the Blowfish song, probably "Only Wanna Be with You," and then an Alanis Morissette song, usually "One Hand in My Pocket." And then Hoobastank again. And isn't that a strange line-up? But it has happened to me more than once in the past week. At very differing times of day. And I like "The Reason" and all, but sheesh. How long has that song been out? It's being played far too often. But I always hang around long enough to catch my favorite part when he says "that's why I want you to know" for the last time and his voice breaks on "know." Ah, I love that. That passionate desperation gets to me every time. [See: John Mayer's "Covered in Rain" and "Why Did You Mess with Forever."] But I've also picked up on the fact that when he says "hear" in the "that's why I need you to hear" part, the music does a thing that sounds just like the beginning of my ringtone, so I jump every time I hear that song. Which is officially every three seconds. Another radio observation I've made is this: Fools are apparently very lyrical. I've just read Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," and the diction was full of language about fools. So I guess it's been on the brain, but when they weren't giving Hooba some air-time, I heard lots of songs that mention fools. Ah, one of which is from Hootie. The line is "you can count on me your fool" in "Only Wanna Be with You," but I heard many more. Of course, most songs are love songs, so what else could you expect but foolishness? I jest, I jest.

Okay, I should have been studying or reading or working on a paper or something while I was writing this, but whatever, right? Now it's too late, and I have to go to bed. Got ol' work in the morning, and I can maybe get a little accomplished there. Oh, I should be getting my first paycheck soon. That's very exciting. So right now, I'm going to check my bank account, with false hope, to see if any direct depositing has happened. Then it's a night.

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