Wednesday, September 22, 2004

your tired words are all the same

Okay. I know I don't wear much makeup. I know I perpetually have dark circles under my eyes. But do I always look tired?

This concept is nothing new to me. It was called to my attention back during my last two years of high school when, at least once a week, Sonya Westerman would tell me how tired I looked. I just assumed we had a mutual dislike for one another, and she just happened to feel the need to remind me of her abhorrence by basically telling me I looked like crap. Then, I began to notice it some off and on throughout college. It would be understandable if I was tired when these people pointed out my exhausted appearance. But normally, I feel just fine. Just like tonight.

I ran to WalMart to get some milk, bread, juice, et cetera, and the check-out girl says as she scans my Bunny Bread, "You look tired. You okay?" "Um, yeah. I'm good." Because I was. Maybe I'm not good and I don't know it. I feel bad and it shows, but somehow I miss it? I don't know. It's just strange to have people I don't even halfway know ask me if I'm okay. Most people who know me pretty well don't seem to cause this problem for me. I guess that's just it. To the stranger and acquaintance, I'm a tired-looking soul. That's comforting.

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