Thursday, September 30, 2004

i'm confused

I woke up early this morning so that I could finish working on my Shakespeare journal. At 9:3o last night, I couldn't hold my eyes open. But of course, I didn't wake up and fly right into Shakespeare. I was sitting here checking out some blogs and watching Today, and I saw something. Okay, the two sets of miniblinds in my front window are a little spaced, so if you stand at just the right angle, you can see outside. And creepily, yes, if you are outside, you can see inside. Anyway, well, the ol' flat screen TV gives off a pretty clear reflection. Turns out, the TV is at just the right angle to get an okay view of outside. In that sliver of reflection, I saw a guy. Then it occured to me that guy had on a police uniform. So I leapt up and looked out. There were two police cars parked in the lot and it looked as if they were inspecting a car. Being from the meth capital of the world, I'm automatically thinking drug bust or something. But now the police are gone, and the inspected car is still just sitting there. Maybe somebody backed into it and they were filing an accident report. Just kinda scared me a little bit. Huh. Guess I can do my Shakespeare stuff now/

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