Sunday, September 05, 2004

welcome to my family

Mom's asleep here on the futon, and the Cosby Show's on Nick at Nite. Dad's asleep in my bed "listening" to some AM-radio NPR-type station. I have made some sweet tea, did dishes, and started a load of towels in the washer. We've only been here for about thirty minutes. Welcome to my family.

Tonight was fun. We spent the afternoon and evening at Sissy's. We ate chili and sat around a fire in the back yard, even though it's not quite fall enough yet. It's like when we're tired of winter and wear T-shirts and flip flops in an attempt to coerce spring into arriving. Anyway, we sat around some chunks of wood burning in an old wheel rim thing for about three hours telling stories. Welcome to my family.

I love it when stories are told that I've never heard before. I relish in the words and swear I'll write them down, but I never do. Phrases like "the blind staggers" and sayings like "when they fall in love, they could just pin their ears back and swallow them whole, and when they've been married for six months, they wish they would've" never make it to the page. But there's nothing like sitting aroound, staring into blazes, soaking up the hilarous and sometimes painful stories of the past, and pondering the future. Learning history in the context that really matters and loving every minute of it. Welcome to my family.

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hollynicole said...

Hi best friend. I haven't talked to you in many moons. Maybe it's because your sister is getting ready to become de-pregnated. Hope to hear from you soon and very soon.