Monday, September 27, 2004

good morning glory

Walking to work this morning, I noticed something I'd never noticed before. There are some almost unnaturally blue morning glories entangled in the fence behind the Lamba Chi house. Talk about juxtaposition. To my knowledge, I've never seen morning glories before, but somehow, I just knew that's what they were. Of course, when I got here, I looked them up to make sure I was right. But I was just going along the sidewalk and I spotted some blue on the leaves of the greenery that I had previously noticed wrapping itself around the fence. And being the prejudiced person that I am, I figured it was the work of some ill-fallen spray paint or something. With a slightly closer look, I realized that they were flowers practically growing out of the ditch. Tomorrow morning, I will take a picture of them, and hopefully, my photo hosting site will be efficiently working again.

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