Friday, September 24, 2004


Yeah, so today wasn't altogether much fun. And yes, I know this is my third post today, but I figured I should go ahead and finish mapping out my eventful day in relation to JT. (That's the lab disrupter. Not to be confused with JT Fuhrmann.)

My boss did finally show up when I basically threatened to quit my job solely because of this woman, which is somewhat feasible because she is a serial offender. Turns out, mine is not the only life she has been destroying, but after a full month of her havoc-wreaking, drastic measures were finally sought today. Not taken. Just sought. After talking with my boss, him talking with his boss, and them talking to the Psychological Center, we have finally formulated what Derek (I'm tired of calling him my boss. He's too young for that lofty word.) likes to call the three-step "Code of Events," or as I think of it, "Operation: JT." What will happen is this: The next time she causes a problem, I have to ask her to stop. That is nothing new to me. I do that every day. What is new is this, an act of which I have quite been afraid but now have legal clearance to do. If she doesn't cooperate, I will ask her to leave. If she then doesn't cooperate, I get to dial everyone's favorite on-campus phone number. 2222. That's right. Public Safety. So I guess a Racer Patrolman will come in and haul her out, or would it be a real officer? I don't know. The whole thing kind of scares me because there is no telling what she's likely to do during all this. But it will happen sooner or later. And she's just the type that will make me, or some other lab supervisor, execute phase three--involving Public Safety.

I just hope this gets resolved soon. I've never in my life had my patience tested like it has been. Today, I was really afraid I was going to snap on the woman. I try to be nice despite the boiling of my blood because she really has a psychological problem. This means two things to me. One, if I snap on her, she just might snap back much harder. And two, maybe she cannot help herself. No, it's not fair to me or the other students in the lab for her to cause all this trouble, but I can't let this get personal. But it's so hard when I ask her to be quiet and she flies into accusing me of thinking that the fact she's in some sort of legal battle and has to drive with her child to Carbondale, Illinois, three nights a week is funny. And then I get scared when she tells me that her life would be so much better if a bunch of people she knew died on September 11. I can't help but become a nervous wreck. I mean, all I'm supposed to do is make sure that the people in the lab can get their work done. That's what I've determined my job description is since I never was really given one. To help people create accounts, make sure computers and printers work, keep the atmosphere one conducive to learning, etc. But all this? And I actually do like my job. Except for what I have to do with her. I was not exaggerating in my earlier post when I said I'm physically overwhelmed when she comes in. I just hate confrontation. I despise it in the very core of my being, but when she appears, I know confrontation is coming. And that core of my being shudders.

But I'd like to thank Jenny for her sympathy. And Janitha, even though she doesn't read this, for the hug and the cheer and the "sprinkling of calm." I am usually too prideful to accept people's condolences, but today, I really needed it. I have been nothing but a frazzled end of a nerve. Thanks, guys.

Man, doesn't this sound like someone with a real job bringing it home with them? I'll try not to anymore. Well, hopefully, I won't have to. The everything else in my life deserves all this attention I'm giving this situation. But it's bad because it began my day, set the pace for my mood. Tomorrow, it will go away. And then I can devote myself to the matters that are important.


hollynicole said...

I'm sorry, love. And by the way, it'll be a real officer. :)

Anonymous said...

No thanks needed dearest! That's what friends are for! (Cue cheesy music and fade to credits)- Jenny