Monday, September 13, 2004

so i forget

I guess it's been a couple days, huh? Sometimes, believe it or not, I forget about this blog. I forget a lot of things actually. Like last night, I almost forgot to go to work. It's not like going to work at Hart is a habit or anything. It was only the second time I've worked there.

So this weekend. Friday night I did a little Cinema International and hanging out in Springer. Most of Saturday was spent in Calvert City. I guess we were just sitting around waiting for the baby to come. It didn't. It still hasn't. Pesky little thing. :-) And then that night I went back to Springer for a little Scattergorical gaming, which was great fun, but by the end of all that, I became unusually tired and headed back home to bed. I tried to do all kinds of homework yesterday, but it basically amounted to working on my Spanish practice quiz at home and using my entire time at work to do the online workbook. I have that Spanish quiz today, and I'm a little frightened about it. So maybe I should study. I think I will.

Forgive me for the lack of interesting material. Oh, let's see. I almost died yesterday. Is that interesting? I was turning left onto 641 out of Main Street. I had a green arrow, but the man in the large, large truck across the street apparently didn't realize that he still had a red light and started barreling on across 641 anyway. In mid-turn, I had to come to a complete stop and let the unnecessarily road-enraged man illegally pass. I all but cried. And this time, it wasn't even my fault. You should be proud.

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