Thursday, September 02, 2004

good things

When I was digging out the key to my mailbox this afternoon as I was walking back from class, it occurred to me how long the day was though it didn't feel like it. I suppose a Thursday doesn't quite compare with the Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays that start with work at 8:00 and invariably end right on time at 3:20 with Spanish, but it amazed me how quickly all that time between Shakespeare at 9:30 and the end of my earth science lab around 3:00 passed. It struck me as slightly alarming somehow, but I also enjoyed it because I do not feel nearly as worn out as I do on the other days. Of course, I did go to bed at 10:30 last night. Sometimes that helps.

With all of that and despite the fact that I dealt with a total of about three hours of earth science today, it has been a pretty good day. It started with a great debate with myself over whether or not I should do the Shakespeare journal. It's an optional project that would replace 10% of our paper grades for the course. It requires three written pages a week about what ever play we're reading, and once you decide to do it, you have to do it. And if you decide not to participate, you can't later change your mind in hopes of raising your grade. I think it would be good for my in at least two aspects. One, it'll make me keep up with the reading and enhance my understanding. Two, it should help my grade. The problem, however, was that I had not done my journal for today, and he had told us that he was going to have us make our commitment to it this morning. Out of laziness, I found myself in a predicament. I knew I would end up regretting not doing the journal, but I just inexplicably didn't do mine for today. But luckily, ol' Dr. Brown forgot about the whole journal thing, so I have until Tuesday to redeem myself. If only I can convince myself to take advantage of this opportunity.

After earth science lecture, Justin, Alisha, and I headed for the Curris Center for a little lunch. On the way in, I noticed the readership program thing was going on and giving away copies of USA Today. I am quite enthusiastic about this program, so when the lady asked me to fill out a survey, I gladly obliged. She also handed me a ticket on which I would write my name and phone number so that I could be entered into a drawing where the winner would receive a $50 gift certificate to the University Bookstore. I grabbed my paper and went on my merry way. Well, about an hour or so ago, my phone rang, and seeing that it was an on-campus phone number, I figured it might have been one of my FY girls since I had emailed them last night to see how they're doing. But no, it was Jim Baurer at the Curris Center letting me know that my name had been drawn! I never win anything like that. Anyway, I need to remember to go by the office and pick it up.

I totally missed out on Winslowless Wednesday last night, which is quite a sad time, but some time last Spring, I signed up with help with the International Student Ministry at the BSU. Last night was the Welcome Dinner, and I went early to help set up and then stay for the event. I have never in my life had so much fun--at least at the BSU. I made three friends from Taiwan. I barely ate any of my spaghetti because, one, it wasn't all that edible, and two, we were talking non-stop. Between the three of them, they represent a whole range of English proficiency, but that is just a barrier. They are so interested in the way of life here, so full of questions. They were so appreciative of me for spending time with them, but it was quite humbling. I have to realize that just because they do not speak my language perfectly, that does not mean they are not intelligent. They are very brave people who have worked so hard to be able to come here and face the challenge. I found out that one of the guys' birthday is the day before mine, and we are the same age. He struggled to tell me that it was a coincidence, but I was impressed because that is quite a complicated term. Later, I was able to talk to the 30 year-old man who had only studied English three months before coming here, and he decided that, for the price, I should trade him my apartment for his College Courts apartments. I declined, but I did accept his offer to play ping-pong, at which both of us confessed to be horrible, in the future. Before we left, he slightly bowed before me as his customary way of saying thank you, and I felt so honored. It was a great experience, but it will continue every Wednesday night at 5:00 when we have conversation classes. I am so excited. About making new friends and learning so much. I have already been challenged to see my language and culture and other languages and cultures in a new, enlightening way.

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Congrats on the $50, you ass.
You need to bring your foriegn friends to my show on OCTOBER FIRST!!!!
Kill Bill 2 this weekend...

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