Friday, September 24, 2004

can't find where the moment went wrong at all

This morning didn't happen at all like it was supposed to. As I stumbled all bleary-eyed into bed last night, I thought I made a pretty good attempt at setting my alarm clock and the alarm on my phone. (Yes, I need both to wake up.) Well, I don't know if I laid my phone too closely to the clock and it made it do that whole poltergeist thing that it did once upon a time where every time the phone made a noise, the time on the clock would randomly change. Maybe that's what happened, but anyway, the time and the alarm time on the clock were not what they were supposed to be. I don't even know if the phone alarm went off. I just kind of woke up at 7:12. And I even made it to work early. Check me out. But I'd much rather be in bed. My "special" lab visitor has already come in and caused me a headache. I think I'm just going to sit here and cry. But my eyes already hurt enough.

Enough of the complaining, though. I've a had a good couple days. Dale came down Wednesday night, and we did a lot of hanging out yesterday. It was a good time. We haven't just hung out in a long time. So we did a whole lot of nothing and played a little guitar and things like that. We're really going to have to try to do that more often. It really sucks sometimes what time, distance, and circumstance doesn't allow. Pesky, pesky things.

Okay, I'm really getting ready to crawl up and take a nap, right here in the lab. Talk at y'all later.

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