Wednesday, November 19, 2003

goo daddy

Today has been alright. You know, besides all the tornadic activity and having to traipse through the four and a half feet deep lake that is Murray State University's campus. It didn't really hurt my feelings too much that we didn't get to BarbCobb's class until 10:00. Forty-five minutes of her is plenty. I swear. And then Hovie gave me my short story back. He gave me an A for the first draft. I'm really excited about that. Justin says I should post it on here. Maybe I'll do that after I do my revision. Orrr [cue light bulb above my head] I could post my first draft on here and then take suggestions on revision. Ah, yeah, right. I'll post it eventually. Maybe.

Tonight we rolled out to Ben Ton. That was a barrel of mankeys with Pizza Hut and the bonus room. Never lets ya down. Isn't that a slogan for beer or something?

I should be reading four chapters of Possession for ENG221 for tomorrow. That book about equals suck. On the back, there's a quote from a critic that says something like "One of the year's best books!" It must've been the only book he or she read that year. Maybe I'll post & publish and then read a page or two ('cause that's as far as I'll get before I gouge my eyes out) of that book before I go to bed. Or maybe I'll just go to bed.

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