Wednesday, November 05, 2003

she be zapatoin'

It's been something of a long day. And it went like this. Classes, lunch, nap, a lot of ambiguous time that I don't remember, supper, and a million hours of studying for humanities. I think my brain is going to fall out. Now I'm doing some laundry.

Oh, yeah. I just remembered how I spent a lot of that time I couldn't remember. I argued with Dale over my major. So I am an English education major (well, it's an area, whatever), but I was talking about how I hate my education classes. I think I'm going to stop taking education classes for a while and get into English. I'm loving the English thing, so I'll see if I want to teach it or if I want to do something else with it. So ensues this huge argument about how he thinks technology (his "major") is superior to English. I'm being civil and telling him that I really think English is important but that I don't really "get" technology. It's good and all, but it's not my thing--just like English is not his thing. Then he really started ticking me off, kind of offending me. But for once in my life, I stood up for something and defended it. I don't do that very often, especially when he provokes me like that. But this time, I was pretty confident, and it made me realize that I do take pride and understand the importance in language and my study of it. I guess my favorite thing I said was this: "And language is an artform just like anything else. Take painting or dance for instance. You take something basic, like paints or your body, and manipulate it to make something beautiful. Not everyone can do that." I was kinda proud of that. Anyway, I guess he does that as a friend to teach how to defend what I believe (and I will probably be grateful one day), but it really fires me up. The point being: For once, I've persevered and stuck it out. Go English studies.

Yay. Tomorrow is the Freak Suite Retreat to Big Ed's. Tomorrow night we got guests a-comin'. And Friday night. *gasp* Juan Mar! *dances*

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