Monday, November 24, 2003

maybe i'll sleep inside my coat

Last night I posted my short story Gravel. That was Justin's idea. Anyway, it's not really done. I've been working on it, revising it and stuff. I'm just afraid of reaching the point that adding more is too much.

Oh, yeah. I have once again tried to finagle [I actually looked this up on It's right.] a way to get comments here on my blog. This time, thank you to, I think I have a keeper. The HTMLGear thing didn't work, so I hear. The Chatterbox thing was a joke. Oh, but my SquawkBox. You people better use it. How many times do I have to tell y'all that I'm jealous of the kids with Xangas?

Tomorrow is home thirty, and it's about time. I'm excited. I have a lot I'm supposed to do as far as homework goes, but my true nature will set in and I won't do any of it. That's okay. Maybe I can do it all Sunday and Monday night when I get back. That sounds right.

Well, winter has finally set in. Or wait. Isn't it supposed to get back up in the sixties by the end of this week? What the heck is that? But either way, I got to wear my coat and gloves and hat today. That was fun. I'm not normally the hey-let's-bundle-up type, but today, it was a good time. It wasn't too cold that I had to layer a pair of sweat pants under my jeans. Although that wouldn't have hurt.

Blogging will probably take on a new nature while I'm at home this weekend. Hmm, I hope I have the internet still. I'm sure we do. I signed up for a forty-day free trial from EarthLink. It's been about six months. They still haven't sent us a bill. We'll probably get a bill in a year or so for about eight thousand dollars. That won't be cool. But while it lasts, this free internet sure is.

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