Thursday, November 20, 2003

love's great...when you're not in it

Today has been quite alright. It's strange. I normally don't care so much for Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they've kinda been good lately. Humanidades always sucks, but there's nothing quite as fun as drawing our little comedic renditions of people and suicidal states on notebooks, folders, and the pages of Western Literature. I took my Spanish oral exam. I rocked it pretty darn hard. And can I mention how much I love my creative writing class? Today, we decided that we need to have ENG214-02 reunions next semester. I would so be up for that. As long as KT and DH aren't invited. EDP was, well, eh. The best part is that we got out fifteen minutes early, but I didn't get back to the room until about five minutes later than I normally would have because I saw Michelle on the footbridge. We stood there and talked about sexy Hovie for like twenty minutes. I do think I'm going to send her a Fresh Ink card when she graduates. She's kinda my mentor. She's a senior English major, so she's always hooking me up with advice.

I have to make a very embarrassing confession. A couple minutes ago, I was in here by myself 'cause Mary was braiding Holly's hair over there on the other side of the toilet. I was getting ready to wash my hands, and "The Middle" was on Holly's RealPlayer. Well, there for a couple seconds, I decided to get-down on some air guitar. As I was striking one serious chord, I cracked the knuckles of three of my fingers on the sink. Boy, did that hurt like a mankey. It didn't really help that those are the same three fingers I shut in the bathroom door yesterday. I'm about clumsy.

I got my Michael Peterson CD today. I'm so excited. First of all, I love mail, especially packages. Second of all, I bought the tape after I saw him in concert (opening with the Dixie Chicks for Clay Walker) back freshman year of high school. It was an awesome tape, but I really don't have a clue what happened to it. A week or so ago, I got this unresistable urge to get the CD, so I ordered it off of for something like $3.50. That's including shipping. The CD itself was just a dollar. How amazing is that? And it's flawless. It wasn't still wrapped, but there isn't a single scratch on it anywhere. Yay,!

Well, I guess I'm gonna crack down and read that stupid book for English. I told Holly I can't go to her tournament game because I have to read. And I really do. So besides the fact that my professor is expecting me to have read it, I better keep my word to Holly.

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