Saturday, November 22, 2003

happy birthday, blog

Woohoo, Winslow waffles. I'm about to pop. And as soon as I get through rambling here, I'm going to hop in the shower. I feel like I have a layer of rodeo on me.

So I just talked to Mom. They're getting ready to go to Nashville to see my aunt, my dad's sister. And she also informed me of a change of plans as far as Thanksgiving goes. I was all prepped to hear that I was indeed going to have the traditional meal, but no. Instead of eating at Cracker Barrel in Calvert, we're going to be eating somewhere in the Henderson-Evansville area. But looking on the bright side, the 293 Deer can enjoy his holiday in peace, without us threatening his life. Mom also told me that she received the John Mayer CD I sent her in the mail and that, if they can figure out how to change discs in Dad's player in his truck, they're going to listen to John on the way to Nashville. How cute is that? My nearly-sixty-year-old parents riding down I-24 in a Ford pick-up listening to John Mayer. I miss 'em. If Murray wasn't quite so out-of-the-way, I would have them stop by on their way down or on their way home. But I'll see them on Tuesday.

I guess I need to call Sissy. She called me last night while we were trying to decide somewhere to eat. Before I knew it, we were going in to ol' August Moon, so I told her I had to hang up. Being the thoughtless, self-absorbed person that I am, I didn't realize that the whole point of the phone call was so that Victoria could talk to me. When I was talking to Mom wallago, she told me that Victoria really wanted to talk to me. I guess it's a going-off-to-college thing, but I have a hard time keeping up with people that aren't here. It's almost an out-of-sight-out-of-mind situation, and I'm probably gonna burn in hell for that. I really need to make more of an effort to keep in touch with those people I love, but don't get to see too often. Like I mentioned a post or two ago, those are the people who are most important to me. Why do I just let those relationships fall apart for these four (coughcoughormorecoughcough) years I'm in college? Because as time passes, it is definitely not going to get easier to mend fences. Just so you know, this has been very revelational for me just now.

To end on more of a celebrative (yes, I made that word up) note, as my title suggests, this is my blog's one month birthday. What a month it has been. Let's look back on my life one month ago today according to my blog entry: It was the first night Justin and Ryan came over and we took a little ride in the back of the Camino to WalMart. That seems so long ago. Who knew...

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