Monday, November 03, 2003

highway to the danger zone

Sheesh. Mondays are long. And I'm not done yet. This morning I had to do that stupid presentation. I don't know if I did okay or not. I don't care. It's over. Then I decided to spend my hour between classes in the library coffee-shop area, if that's what you wanna call it. I haven't done that in quite some time. And Lance came by. I was excited because I haven't talked to him in forever--we used to be big library buddies. He said he kind of randomly decided to come in there and figured I would be in there. And I was, but that was coincidence to because I'm not in there much anymore. So we had a good time between him reading the Wife of Bath's prologue and tale and me working on Spanish. He got all excited about my new $111 Spanish book. I had to take it from him before he got it all, um, dirty. Then I went to Spanish which is almost always a good time. Came back and ate lunch with Holly. We decided to finally go to WalMart. We've been out of water and Dew for far too long, so we fixed that. Then we went guitar case shopping. We went to Jameson Music first. Before we left the parking lot we decided to take a picture of Holly "riding" some stuffed alligator that was laying beside a motorcycle--because that's the stupid crap we do. After going to Main Street Music and deciding that I didn't want to spend a $100 on a hard-shell case, we went back to Jameson's to get the $40 piece of dookie that's laying on my bed right now. When we walked in the door, the guy in the store offered to give us the alligator that was beside his motorcycle. He saw us playing with it. Apparently some guys from the tattoo place put it out there as a joke. The funny thing is that the music store guy really wanted us to have the alligator. It's probably still laying in the parking lot. Anyway, so I just got back from the last meeting of the Bible study I'm in. I'm kind of glad it's over because I have a lot of stuff I can do during that time now, plus the study was Is that bad? But I really do like the girls in the group. I'm a little sad it's over. But I still have FFG on Mondays, which I have to go to here in a little bit. *tired sigh*

Why are we vampires? We don't have any lights on. And it's dark outside. And a million degrees. Grrr. Nothing feels right. Today has just been weird. Just a lot of different, unusual, unexpected, and surprising things.

Aaah! Light! *covers eyes and shrinks back into coffin*

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