Thursday, December 18, 2003

and another sound rushes through my mind

So I'm not doing a good job of keeping up with posting on a regular basis. Wah, wah. Yesterday was too depressing to blog about. It was Meme's funeral. Seeing Arenda that upset just really got to me. I hate seeing people cry like that. It makes me cry. And then Richard, my brother-in-law's dad, was scheduled for prostate surgery tomorrow, but he had a heart-attack last night. So he had a heart cath (what's that?) today, and they are talking about a double or triple by-pass either later in the week or next week. See. Yesterday wasn't good blogging material.

Today, I slept in as usual. Did my normal nothing and then went to Dale's. We went to Fazoli's again so that turkey submarino could rock my world again. Then we went to the movies. Since I hadn't seen the first two Lord of the Rings movies, we didn't see the third, though that's what he really wanted to do. We ended up watching The Last Samurai. It was actually pretty good. Tom Cruise is all grown up. It's weird thinking that actors that we've always thought were hot (although I'm not much of a Tom Cruise kinda girl) are getting older. It's like Robert Redford. My mom used to talk about how good looking he is, but until I acquired that sick attraction to old men, I didn't understand. To think that future generations will only think Tom Cruise is hot if they like "old guys" is just crazy. Mmkay, that was about a random spiel, huh?

I've started this paragraph three times, and every time I think I've something to talk about, I decide it's not worth it, highlight it, and delete it. Oh, remembered something. I got my grades, and I made all As. Yeah, my socks were knocked off. I had at least three classes that I could've had Bs in, but somehow I managed to narrowly escape. So what did I learn this semester? How to cheat and lie. I never read Possession, but I faked my way through a final exam that was all about that book. I did two out of twelve hours of observation for EDP, and apparently, Lewis bought my BS on those other ten hours. Now, I did nothing but my best in creative writing, and I think I'm most proud of that A. And I guess BarbCobb didn't eff my world up too bad. And what can I say about Spanish? I'm practically Mexican.

Alright, well, I'm tired and out of things to say, so I'm callin' 'er quits. Nite.

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