Monday, December 08, 2003

making friends with shadows on my wall

I don't if I have anything to blog about, but it's in the one o'clock hour of the morning and: I'm not too tired. (Have I even been up for twelve hours yet?) Nobody's online to talk to. I don't want to study for my finals, even though that's probably the one thing I should been doing.

I love school and all, but I am so ready to go home. And think most people would agree with me in saying that all of us just need to get out for a while. Of course, a month is a long time. But for mental health purposes, it's time for some new scenery. I miss going out with my family. And just knowing what's going on. Being away at college just completely puts me out of the loop. Not just with home, but the world. I should really start watching the news or something. Ha. The theme music from CNN Headline News reminds me of being home, actually.

So I started this out saying that I wasn't tired, but now I'm yawning all over the place like a mankey. And all this yawning is making my head hurt. There's nothing else to do and I don't have anything to say really, so I think I'm going to go to bed. And lay there and think about things.

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