Monday, December 15, 2003

feels like home to me

Mmkay, I'm going to try to get back in the normal groove of blogging.

Today hasn't been much, but days at home usually aren't. When Mom and Dad got home, we went to the funeral home to see Meme. It is so weird to see a bunch of people from that family that I haven't seen since we all were kids. Now, it takes us a full thirty seconds to recognize each other. A lot of that has to do with the baby in their arms or the kid hanging on their leg. It is so weird, this growing up thing. And the awkwardness of a funeral home always gets me to thinking about it. Life and death. Anyway, once Mom and I finally dragged Dad away from the poor people he was torturing, I mean, talking to, we decided to do a little Tumbleweed for supper. (What did I ever do with those "I Need The 'Weed" stickers that Arenda and I stole from there a year or so ago?) It was Margarita Monday, and Mom decided she needed two. Heck, they were 99 cents. I don't blame her. So when we got home, Dad and I left her in the car for a little bit (I don't think she noticed) while we looked at the stars. You know, I don't think you can see the stars in Murray. I really don't know if you can see a celestial anything. I never remember seeing stars, the sun, the moon, or even clouds. I don't like that. But tonight, it is so clear. I haven't seen this many stars in forever.

Well, I'm talking to Ashley about her Nyquil addiction. It's good to know that both of my moms have been under the influence tonight. I take comfort in that.

I do miss school a little bit. But I think I've come to realize the feeling of home. Yeah, I guess home is a place. Like WebCo, or whatever. But home is also people. A feeling you get when you talk to them or are just with them. It just feels right. You can't just find that anywhere. Or in anybody.

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