Saturday, December 27, 2003

i've seen fire and i've seen rain

Life sure is boring when all you do is sleep. I've been stuck in this house since Christmas Day, and I've had it. I've seen too much TV. I saw about 150 of the VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Icons, or whatever they are. I've also been listening to some of the music I got for Christmas. Right now, I'm listening to Nickel Creek's This Side. Why, oh, why did I wait 'til now to get this CD? I really enjoy them. Of all of the CDs I got for Christmas, this was one that I didn't previously know a song on, but I knew I'd still like it. I was definitely right.

Despite the crapity of how I feel, I'm dragging my butt out of this house and going to Dale's in a little bit. We're renting the first two Lord of the Rings movies. He says I'm going with him to see the third one, so I guess I better get up to speed, huh?

Well, with the lack of interest in my life, it's time to end this post. I'm just going to end with this little bit of information. Having seen more TV than any human should ever see in the past 48 hours, I've seen lots of infomercials. Have you seen the one for the James Taylor CD? (Yes, KS.) There are some shots of him when he was younger where he was absolutely beautifully hot. He may be bald on top with some huge eyebrows now, but there was a time when was quite a hottie. I thought y'all should know that.

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