Monday, December 15, 2003

get low, get low

Word, dawgs. I haven't blogged in a month-a sundies. I had an alright weekend. Friday night, I went shopping with Dale. After making three trips around the mall and a stop at KB Toys, he finally got his shop on and came out with three sweaters, a pair of jeans, and some awesome shoes. I think I love guys' clothes. We did a little Fazoli's, which I'm usually not too crazy about, but that turkey submarino about rocked my face off. We also rented The Italian Job, which was pretty good as well. And I made it home by my curfew for that night--with two minutes to spare. 12:58 am. (Just so you know, my "curfew" tends to change according to what kind of mood Mom and/or Dad is in, what day of the week it is, and of course, the weather.)

Saturday. I don't remember much about it. Well, yes, I do. I woke up somewhere around 11:30 to hear that Meme had passed away. That's my cousin Arenda's grandmother. And it was Arenda's birthday and the day before her college graduation. We were supposed to go to Berea for the graduation, but we knew the weather wasn't going to be good. The whole situation was/is kinda rough. I guess I'll be going to the funeral tomorrow. Arenda's getting to come home for the funeral, but she's missing finals. (Yeah, she has finals after graduation. Weird.) But they're letting her make them up. Just so y'all know, I love my cousin Arenda. That's what we call each other. She calls me her "cousin Sassy." We're retarded. No, really, we are.

Yesterday, after church, we went to Harbor Freaking Freight in Evansville. It's this huge kinda hardware store thing. Mom and I bought Dad a drill and an awesomely cool level with a laser on it with Dad in the store. I had to hurry my way through the checkout and get it in my car before Dad saw me, but it didn't work. He saw me at the checkout, but he just turned his head like a kid who'd just been caught, and pretended he was looking at some three-piece set of cutting boards. It was kinda cute. When I was wedging all this crap in a Journeys shoe bag in my trunk for inconspicuous safekeeping, I somehow scratched the fire out of my hand. It still hurts. *sniff sniff*

Last night, I went to Dale's again. We went to Best Buy and got him a video card for his computer. Then we were supposed to go get me a Christmas present. Yeah, he told me I could pick out anything I wanted from anywhere and he'd get it. I panicked. Is it terrible that I couldn't think of something? It's not that I couldn't really think of anything, but I didn't want to just pick anything. I don't know. I never came up with anything. Feel free to give me any ideas. Then we went and ate at Johnny B's. We went back to his house and I watch him play some computer game for an hour or so, and then we just went riding around on random roads until it was time for me to go home. I was so proud. We were in straight up BFE. Neither one of us knew where we were at for quite some time, but we kept making turns. (Such the smart thing to do close to midnight when it is freezing cold.) And then I recognized some, I don't know, trees or something and realized that we were in Zion. He's supposed to be Captain I'm Never Lost, but I identified our surroundings first. So the score is something like: Dale - 23,734 Cassidy - 1 . Anyway, I didn't make it home by my "curfew" last night. It was supposed to be 12:00. But the way I look at it, if I call and say I'm coming home by my curfew time, I'm okay.

Okay, I apologize for this monstrosity of a post that is nothing but what I've done for the past couple days. I could easily avoid this situation if I just posted more often, huh? Yeah, well, I'm going to go play a little guitar and then get in the shower. Gaw, I love being home.

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