Friday, December 12, 2003

they said she died easy of a broken-heart disease

Well, I'm home again. I likedtonotta got out of Murray. After I drug my stuff down the stairs to my car in four loads, I realized that I locked my keys in the room. Luckily, Jessica didn't make me officially check out the key. I had a good trip home and all that kinda thing. Haven't done much since I've been here. Played a little geeter. Talked to Mom. I don't know. I've been here for ten hours and I don't even know what I've been doing. That's a great feeling.

But I do have a story for the what, two of you who don't know it. 'Round about 11:17 today, I was driving to Faculty Hall to drop off my Notations stuff at 7C. There was what appeared to be a road-blocky-thing up there by Hester where they normally conduct those things. When I pulled up, a police-officer-lady asked me if I had time to spare and if I wanted to be in some video. Granted, I looked like crap and had to be back from this little trip by 12:00 for our Back Yard Burger excursion, but I'm afraid of law enforcement people, so I agreed. So me and two police officers faked a little thing they call a "safety check-point," but the officer who was giving me the spiel could never get his lines right. He was a cute old man, but I think the camera-man was not happy with his acting skills. Of course, I had only one line: "Thanks." Because that's the appropriate response for when an officer thanks you for wearing your seat belt... But I didn't argue. Anyhow, the woman officer noticed while she was "inspecting my license plate" that I'm from Henderson County. Turns out, she's from Robards, right up the road from me. So I don't know if me and the Buh-yoo-ick are going to be famous or anything. They'll probably use it for an officer training video, or maybe a traffic school video. Hmm, I'll ask Ashley if she sees me on there...

I plan on sleeping much of tomorrow away. I'm supposed to meet Dale at Best Buy at 5:00. I think we're going shopping. How funny is that? Maybe I'll buy some Hanukkah. And then Saturday I'm supposed to go to Berea for Arenda's graduation that is on Sunday. But there might be weather. They're calling for two inches around here, so no telling what it'll be like up that way. There's no way Dad would let us go. He's already freaking out, telling me that I'm going to die unless I'm home by 10:00 tomorrow night. Apparently, at 10:01 pm the road is going to freeze up into a solid sheet of ice and I'll end up upside down in a ditch somewhere. But just like Dad told me tonight, if I ever get pinned in my car like that, the first thing I need to do is kill the engine. If I can get out of there, I'm not supposed to worry about my purse. If I run back to get it, the car might explode on me. This is the point where Mom and I both yelled at Dad and told him to shut up with his safety tips. He's real good at that, you know. I remember one night when I was in high school, he sat me down and told me atleast five ways I could die going down the road. One of which did include overturning into a deep, deep ditch of deathly icy water. Atleast two possibilities included deer. (Saw the 293 Deer today, by the way.) One had something to do with the deer knocking my headlights out and me needing a flashlight to shine down the road as I drove. Another involved the deer jumping through my windshield and kicking me to death. Ladies and gentlemen, never again wonder why I am paranoid schizophrenic.

Sheesh, I am tired. But I feel like a kid who has just been told that just for tonight, they don't have a bedtime. I'm fighting sleep, but I don't know why.

Well, I sat here for something like five minutes trying to think of something clever to end off this blog with. No dice.

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