Friday, December 19, 2003

i think i could stay with you for a while

I just got through talking to Becca on messenger. I miss her. I have a hard time thinking of a time when we've been together and not laughed until we hurt. Sheesh, so much stuff changes. It's been a year since we were roommates. In that year, we've completely grown apart. But not in a bad way really. I guess we're going to be those kind of friends that can go forever without seeing or talking to each other, but can pick up right where we left off. Maybe we weren't the best of roommates, but she'll always be one of my best friends. She's got a boyfriend, and she's so happy. And I'm so happy for her. I need to meet this guy. I told her that we need to get together some time over break. It's crazy that we have to come home to see someone we go to school with.

So all this relationship talk with Becca and some other things have me wondering. When's it going to happen? I see people like Becca who are so happy because love fell out of the sky and whapped them in the face. I see other people who are desperately searching to find it and only come out broken-hearted. I guess I'm going to keep doing what I've always been doing. Nothing. Waiting. Living my life hoping that one day I'll trip over it and fall face-down in it. I really don't see any sense in hunting it down, tying it up, and beating it with a stick until it agrees to come home with me. Something about that just doesn't seem right. And maybe I'm just too idealistic. A hopeless romanitic. Or maybe I just have too good of a time making metaphors and personfications of love.

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