Monday, December 01, 2003

you can't take the honky tonky, take the honky tonk, out of the girl

So everyone's doing another one of those survey things, and of course, that makes me want to do one to. But I thought I'd be all different and do another one. So I went to ForwardGarden and got this one:

1)If you had to choose any word or combination of words to be your new name, what would it be?
Hamartia Peripeteia Anagnorisis Sophrosyne

2) When was the last time you told someone how much you appreciated them?
In a round about way, I basically told my mom this weekend. I love my mommie.

3) Should that have been more recently?
That was actually pretty recent, but I don't tell a lot of people that as often as I should.

4) Where do you feel most happy?
I feel happy at school with my friends after I've been home for a long time, and I feel happy at home with my family when I've been at school for a long time. You know how it goes...

5) Do you subscribe to an organised religion?
Oh, look. The author is British. Anyway, I don't particularly care for the way this question is worded, but I am a Christian, if that's what we're getting at here.

6) Did you make that choice as an informed rational decision?
Huh? What? Oh, yeah. Somebody strapped me down, injected me with anesthetics, and made that decision for me. Sheesh.

7) Does it matter if you didn't? why not?
Okay, apparently I didn't read all these crazy questions before I decided to do this survey.

8) How old do you feel?
Well, I'm twenty. I don't know that I feel like it, but I do feel older than I used to. I guess that's normal and healthy.

9) Can you change the world?
If I could be king. Even for a day.

10)Red or black?
Hmm. This is hard. I used to really dislike red, but it's growing on me. However, I'm going to stick with black.

11) Republican or Democrat?
I prefer not to associate myself politically. As a matter of fact, I just don't like making decisions.

12) Conservative or Labour?
Huh? Okay, yeah. Whoever made this is not an American. Can anybody tell me what this means? Anything like conservative and liberal?

13) Why do questions always come with only two options?
That's funny, 'cause this one didn't.

14) What do you enjoy above all else?
I've always loved music, and over the years, through a lot of friendly influence, I've come to appreciate it a great deal more. It's one of the greatest artforms. You can manipulate music, and music can manipulate you. That's powerful.

15) What makes a good song?
Well isn't this convenient? I think it depends on your state. Sometimes, all it takes for a song to be good is a good beat. But more often than not, it takes lyrics that make you say, "Man, I know exactly what this guy/girl's saying. Why couldn't I put it into words like he/she did?" What it boils down to is a nice balance, a sophrosyne if you will, of both. That's the beauty of it. It's boundless.

16) Is money the root of all evil?

17) So what is?

18) What is evil anyway?
The absence of good.

19) If you had to teach people something you knew about, what would you want to teach them?
I don't know anything. That's why I'm going to be a teacher.

20) Why are you taking this survey?
Because I'm wasting time. As usual.

21) Are you a thinker or a doer?
Definitely a thinker. That's not good is it?

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