Friday, December 05, 2003

blindness & kindness, there's no difference in the two

Today has been pretty relieving. Skipped HUM, so I'm done with it except for the final. I'm going to miss creative writing, but I feel so good to have my final draft of my story done and turned in. And I got everything out of the way with EDP. That final will be a joke. Now, I just have to muddle my way through another class of English pretending I've read more than three and a half out of twenty-eight chapters of that mutha-friggin' book. I'd like to stick Possession square up Marcie Johnson's aaaah, I think I'll be a good girl and not say that.

We did a little B-Town excursion tonight. We sat in the Bonus Room and looked at Marshall County yearbooks. Why are we obsessed with yearbooks? And we can't just look at them. No, we have to critique them Cat-Dawg style. That woman'll leave a scar on your life in more ways that one. Anyhow, there's nothing like going out as a family to look at Everything You've Ever Wanted (Or Not) For Your Car With Flames On It and Christmas lights. God save the Queen.

I'm not one to toot my own horn, right? And I don't think it's the Christmas spirit. But you know, I do some nice stuff every now and then. Like, I got a 96 on a PowerPoint presentation. ;-) So what if the person who gave the grade was giving a favor, too? And I gave Courtney my "them cookies." Merry Christmas, papi.

Tomorrow is the last day of class. I'm sorry, I just can't express my excitement enough. Like some broken-a** Tupperware, I can't contain myself.

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